First BRABUS Marine Boats Sold in Thailand

As the newest dealer for the ultra-exclusive range of BRABUS Marine luxury day boats, Derani Yachts is delighted to announce the sale of the first and second BRABUS Marine boats into Thailand.

The first sale is BRABUS Shadow 300 which is due to be delivered to Bangkok in January next year, whilst the second is a BRABUS Shadow 500 which we expect delivery in April.


The BRABUS Shadow 300 is equipped with a Mercury 300R V8 racing engine and thus offers incredible power — able to reach mesmerizing speeds of over 50 knots without compromising stability, handling or agility.

This ultra-agile high-performer strikingly delivers BRABUS’ signature One-Second-Wow-Factor through its extravagant looks and multifunctional design, combining an unparalleled driving experience, next-level agility and easy handling like no other day boat in its size and class range.


Unmatched, untamed, uncatchable – With its gorgeous looks, cutting-edge technology and mesmerizing performance, this 28-foot BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin provides just the right ingredients for your tailor-made, high-octane marine adventure.

This boat is a dual-personality 28ft powerhouse, with 50 knots+ performance, phenomenal acceleration time and massive torque available from a combined 500hp of Mercury Marine’s latest, dual XS Pro V8 FourStroke engines.

Yacht Show Season 2022… Cannes & Monaco

The yacht show season is about to begin with the Cannes Yachting Festival from the 6th to the 11th of September followed later in the month by the Monaco Yacht Show which runs from the 28th until the 1st October.

Håkan will be on-hand at both the Cannes and Monaco shows to represent Derani Yachts.  If there is a boat that you are interested in, please get in touch so we can arrange an introduction.

Axopar and BRABUS Marine will have a range of boats on display and in the water at the Cannes Yachting Festival.  This year BRABUS Marine will be integrated into the main Axopar booth, with a separate Axopar X Jobe booth and a welcoming Hawaii-themed quayside lounge.

Also rumoured is some “electrifying” news from the multi-award winning boat manufacturer.  We will keep you posted on the events at the shows through our social media channels.

At the Marina:

  • Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin
  • Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin
  • Axopar 37 Sun-Top
  • Axopar 28 Cabin
  • BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin Black Ops Signature Edition
  • BRABUS Shadow 500 T-Top Black Ops

On Land:

  • Axopar 25 Cross Bow
  • Axopar X Jobe Revolve T-Top (22 ft.)
  • BRABUS Shadow 300 Cross Top Edition One

For Sea Trials (Contact us to book your sea trial):

  • Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin
  • Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin
  • Axopar 28 T-Top

More details about Axopar and BRABUS Marine at Cannes Yachting Festival can be found at:

For show information, tickets and how to get there, please visit the official show websites below:

We hope to see you at the show!

Derani Yachts Appointed BRABUS Marine Dealer

Derani Yachts being an Axopar Boats distributor in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong have been awarded the dealership for BRABUS Marine. BRABUS Marine are devoted to building and developing ultra-exclusive, supremely exciting new breed of luxury day boats.

BRABUS has been developing and building high-performance supercars for over 40 years; transforming vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand into stylish, unique vehicles – made in Germany.

BRABUS Marine is the result of the cutting-edge alliance between two of the most renowned companies in their respective genres. Bringing together the long-established, high-performance luxury automotive car producer BRABUS and the award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats, to redefine luxury day boating through a range of ultra-exclusive and exciting powerboats.

The BRABUS Shadow range was developed to impress; with a wide selection of bold, instantly recognizable design features, as well as striking aesthetics underlining every inch of the hull down to the smallest detail. 

Designed for a select group of boat owners who wish to enjoy only the very best exclusive boating experience for absolute individualism, ultimate luxury and seriously impressive power and performance.

BRABUS Shadow 500 T-Top – with 50 knots+ performance waiting to be unleashed, phenomenal acceleration and massive torque available from Mercury Marine’s latest twin V8-powered XS Pro FourStroke engines.

All boats within the range are painstakingly hand crafted to the highest possible standards by skilled technicians utilizing the finest materials, newest technologies and bespoke engineering.

The glamorous and high-performance design concept that shows in every individual BRABUS Shadow, is the result of a disruptive approach, a new way of working within the industry: Based on ‘shared-platform’ thinking, all Shadowboats are the remarkable outcome of a close and passionate collaboration between the Finnish boat manufacturer Axopar and the world-leading supercar manufacturer BRABUS.

BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin – The Ultra-Luxurious SUV of The Seas.  Utility and luxury come together; this is the ultimate crossover, whether you’re seeking out thrills or convenience, the BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin delivers performance at its very heart.