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Wider Yachts is a luxury yacht brand founded in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli, a former CEO of the Italian yacht builder Pershing. The company is based in Ancona, Italy and produces high-end, technologically advanced yachts that prioritize comfort, speed, and efficiency.

One of Wider Yachts’ signature features is its “Wider Power” system, which uses diesel-electric propulsion technology to provide greater fuel efficiency and a quieter cruising experience. The system allows the yacht to operate in a variety of modes, including full-electric mode for silent and emissions-free operation at low speeds.

Wider Yachts is known for its commitment to innovation, technological advancement, and exceptional comfort and luxury for its clients. The brand has won multiple awards for its design, including the World Yachts Trophies award for “Most Innovative Yacht” and the ShowBoats Design Awards for “Best Naval Architecture” and “Best Exterior Design and Styling.”

Derani Yachts’ Comment

Wider Yachts are a forward-thinking brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of yacht design, engineering, and sustainability, and are dedicated to providing their clients with the ultimate yacht experience.

Featured Wider Yachts


  • Make: Wider Yachts

  • Model: WIDERCAT 92

  • Type: Power

  • Length: 28.04 m

Range of Wider Yachts

Catamaran Range

Wider catamarans are powered by the sun and designed to push boundaries and inspire limitless exploration on the water.



LOA: 28.04m
Beam: 12.00m
Cabins: 4 + 2 Crew
Draft: 1.65m

Superyacht Class

Wider superyachts are designed and built to offer infinite onboard space and utilize Wider's groundbreaking hybrid technology, which was the first of its kind in the leisure yachting industry.



LOA: 41.50m
Beam: 8.4m
Cabins: 5 or 6 + 3 Crew
Draft: 2.05m

WiLder Motorboat Range

Complementary to its fleet of superyachts, Wider Yachts has introduced the WiLder motorboat range, which features open launches designed to bridge the gap between a chase boat and a cruising boat.


WiLder 60

LOA: 18.90m
Beam: 5.36m
Cabins: 3
Draft: 1.05m

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