Greenline 58 Fly – 5 Hours of Tranquil Electric Displacement Cruising

October 20, 2023 / Boat News, Lifestyle & Travel, News

The latest flagship from the Slovenian hybrid and electric yacht builder had its world premiere at the recent Cannes Yachting Festival. The Greenline 58 Fly is a collaboration between Greenline Yachts, the inventive designer Marco Casali of Too-Design, and the pioneering engineering prowess of MICAD.

The Greenline 58 Fly is a well-suited luxury yacht for tropical regions like Southeast Asia. Equipped with 11 strategically positioned solar panels, it generates 3.6kW of power, making it ideal for regions with abundant sunshine. The yacht’s adaptable systems and spacious living areas provide comfort and convenience, while the energy-efficient design ensures reliable air conditioning even in remote tropical coves.

Join Greenline’s chief sales & marketing officer Luca Raumland on this comprehensive tour of the yards newest flagship, the Greenline 58 Fly.

The 58 Fly’s main deck, which stretches across a single level and features an aft galley, ingeniously melds the saloon and cockpit into a spacious and seamless living and entertainment area. The forward cut-outs provide awe-inspiring water views, and the accommodation deck abounds with innovative elements designed to enhance your onboard experience.

Greenline Yachts is leading the charge in this exciting sphere of modern boating and has been producing solar-equipped hybrid boats. The Greenline hybrid concept uses four times less fossil fuel than a planing powerboat in similar conditions.

The yacht’s single-level main deck, complete with an aft galley, offers a harmonious blend of the saloon and cockpit, crafting an expansive living and entertaining space. The thoughtfully designed forward cut-outs serve as picturesque windows to the sea from the lower deck. The Greenline’s signature aft galley layout leads to a generous accommodation deck teeming with inventive features.

Hybrid power represents one of the most ecologically responsible choices in the realm of boating today, and Slovenia-based Greenline has been at the forefront of this concept for a significant period. The 58 Fly, boasting a weight of 30 tonnes, stands as a substantial luxury cruiser, set to be officially unveiled in 2022, boldly championing the cause of renewable energy.

Weight reduction is a central focus in the 58 Fly’s engineering, as Greenline recognizes that every tonne saved equates to a gain in speed. Carbon fiber is extensively used throughout the boat, especially in the hardtop and superstructure, ensuring that the vessel remains lightweight.

For owners requiring a crew cabin, a single berth or bunk bed configuration is available. However, on owner-operated vessels, this area with 1.8 meters of headroom can serve as a utility space or workshop, offering valuable storage for extended stays on board. At the stern, an extended hydraulic platform with a 500kg lift capacity serves as a versatile water-level bathing platform or facilitates the easy retrieval of tenders. The Greenline 58 Fly represents a groundbreaking leap into a new era of sustainable luxury boating.

With ample outdoor spaces, sunbathing areas, and protection from the sun, the 58 Fly is well-prepared to let passengers fully enjoy the tropical paradise. Its seaworthiness and durability are also well-suited to the conditions often encountered in tropical waters, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an eco-friendly and luxurious boating experience in Southeast Asia.

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