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Derani Yachts presents our handpicked selection of well known brands which are chosen to give a complimentary range of styles and designs which are suitable for all tastes and ideal for boating in the Andaman Sea and beyond.

Since its establishment, Horizon has endeavored to create and build yachts that embody each client’s dreams. Horizon’s integrated company structure contributes to this goal, allowing each subsidiary company to focus on its area of expertise and build high-quality vessels in a shorter construction time. Inspired by the spirit of innovation, Horizon places great importance on consistent product quality and customer service, and has established a system of standardized working procedures and computerized knowledge-sharing platforms for continual growth and improvement. Additionally, Horizon adheres to the world’s most reputable classification societies, adopting exacting international standards in design and construction of private luxury yachts.

Fleming Yachts build semi-displacement, long range cruising yachts from 55 to 85 feet. Established in 1985 by Tony Fleming, they are driven by a passion to design and build boats that meet the highest standards of excellence. Fleming Yachts have followed a policy of refinement over 30 years with continuous improvements and upgrades and are instantly recognizable from their distinctive classic lines which never go out of style.

Wider Yachts is a luxury yacht brand that was founded in 2010 and is based in Ancona, Italy. They are known for their innovative features such as the “Wider Power” diesel-electric propulsion system and “Wider Beach Club” transom platform. The brand is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of yacht design, engineering, and sustainability to provide the ultimate luxury yacht experience for their clients.

Greenline Yachts is a visionary company that is setting the standard for eco-friendly luxury yachts. With their innovative hybrid propulsion system, Greenline Yachts is revolutionizing the industry by delivering a sustainable, efficient, and quiet cruising experience. Their yachts are not only beautiful and stylish, but they also incorporate a range of eco-friendly features that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Axopar boats are the result of the builder’s long time experience and passion for boating. Designed and developed by true boating enthusiasts for the quality and performance conscious boater. The multi award winning Axopar range of boats were launched in late 2014 and within two years over 500 models had been sold with a further 550 boats on order. For safe, fun and exciting boating, nothing beats an Axopar.

BRABUS Marine is devoted to redefine luxury day boating through building and developing an ultra-exclusive, supremely exciting new breed of luxury tenders and day boats. Outstanding performance, power and superior acceleration, best in class drivability, accompanied by instantly recognizable design and strikingly gorgeous looks – that’s what forms the DNA of a BRABUS Shadow boat.

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