Wider Yachts – Now Electrifying Yachting in Southeast Asia

March 28, 2023 / Boat News, News, Press Releases

Wider Yachts is a renowned luxury yacht brand based in Ancona, Italy. Known for their commitment to innovation, technological advancement, and exceptional comfort, they offer unparalleled luxury to their clients. Derani Yachts is proud to announce that they have been awarded the exclusive dealership for Wider’s catamaran line and WiLder motor boat brand in Thailand and Indonesia.

The WIDERCAT 92 offers an exceptional onboard experience, with a spacious and open design that creates a sense of continuity between its spaces, providing a feeling of freedom and unrestricted movement throughout.

One of Wider Yachts’ signature features is its “Wider Power” system, which uses diesel-electric propulsion technology to provide greater fuel efficiency and a quieter cruising experience. The system allows the yacht to operate in a variety of modes, including full-electric mode for silent and emissions-free operation at low speeds.

The hybrid propulsion system utilizes a combination of diesel engines, electric generators, and lithium-polymer batteries.

Complementary to its fleet of superyachts and catamarans, Wider Yachts has introduced the WiLder motorboat range, which features open launches designed to bridge the gap between a chase boat and a cruising boat.

The first boat from the WilLder range is the WiLder 60; a custom-built motorboat that epitomizes the extraordinary world of superyachting, providing unparalleled experiences for its owners.

Constructed entirely from aluminum, the vessel ensures reliability in any maritime conditions, and with a shallow 1.05-meter draft, the fun can be enjoyed right up to the beach.

With a visionary brand that is leading the way in pioneering propulsion technology, Wider Yachts has received numerous prestigious awards since their founding in 2010, including the World Yachts Trophies award for “Most Innovative Yacht” and the ShowBoats Design Awards for “Best Naval Architecture” and “Best Exterior Design and Styling.”.

The Wider superyacht class are designed and built to offer infinite onboard space and utilize Wider’s groundbreaking hybrid technology, which was the first of its kind in the leisure yachting industry.

The WIDER 135 is unquestionably a superyacht crafted with a design that provides the spaciousness and comfort of a displacement yacht, coupled with the onboard amenities commonly found on an open yacht.

As representatives of Wider Yachts, we are excited to bring their cutting-edge vision, technology, and innovation to new shores, offering our clients the ultimate in luxury and comfort on the water. 

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