Axopar 37 Sun Top Phi Phi Island Adventure

November 13, 2020 / Boat News, Lifestyle & Travel, News

First introduced in 2014, the multi award winning Axopar range revolutionised the market for outboard-engine day-boats, sports-weekenders and cabin boats.

In 2020 Axopar released their successor – the all new range of Axopar 37’s featuring an entirely new hull and a host of previously unseen innovations and unique, technical ‘firsts’.

The first of the new breed of Axopar 37’s recently arrived in Asia and Derani Yacht’s took the 37 Sun Top “No Rules” for her sea trials to the world famous Phi Phi Islands (a.k.a. The Beach).

The driving experience is more responsive, safe, thrilling and sporty driving, fine-tuned directional stability, fantastic grip during cornering, safer handling, higher cruising speed and lower fuel-consumption. A stronger and stiffer hull with hydro-dynamics that provide an extremely compliant, comfortable and quiet ride.

Significant all-round speed, fuel-efficiency and range gains. Up to 30% better fuel-economy across the 20 to 40 knot speed range. Compared to the predecessors, resulting in an extended cruising range, on average with 35% or +75 additional nautical miles.

The driver focused ergonomic helm with its clean and uncluttered dashboard, ensures the skipper will always remain confident and in control when handling the boat, even single-handed.

Redefined ergonomics contribute to a supremely practical and functional layout, with both forward and all-round visibility improved, whether standing or seated in our newly designed, extra-grippy seats.

The all new Axopar 37 Sun Top has landed in Phuket, Thailand. Join us on our adventure into Thailand’s spectacular tropical islands, caves & world famous beaches and experience nature at its purest.

Significantly enlarged front cabin with 30% more space than its predecessor, now with the option of a fully enclosed toilet compartment.

More spacious, light and accommodating than ever before. The possibility to choose a new option; enclosed toilet and separate shower compartment for privacy and a new level of comfort and convenience.

The 37 Sun Top has proved to be the perfect choice, easily justifying its position as a true game-changer and is the perfect platform for every adventure at sea.

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