Cruising destination Ao Nang to Krabi Boat Lagoon

November 24, 2015 / Lifestyle & Travel, News

Ao Nang, Krabi 008deg 01.55min N 098deg 49.10min E
This anchorage is suitable in the north east season only and care should be taken on approach into the bay to avoid the numerous bamboo fishing stakes in the water which are fixed to the sea bed. Anchor on the south east side of the bay in front of the main town making sure you will have at least 2 metres under the keel at low tide. The main town has lots of restaurants, basic provisions and a busy night life in the many bars. You can catch a local taxi into Krabi town where there is an excellent morning fresh market and a large Tesco supermarket. Beware that the beach dries out a long way at low tide so check the tide tables before going ashore and be sure to anchor your dinghy securely in case it is carried away on a rising tide. The next small bay along to the south east is only accessible by sea and is dominated by a new 5 star resort.

Rai Le Beach, Krabi 008deg 00.65min N 098deg 49.85min E
This spectacular anchorage is suitable only in the northeast season. Anchor well offshore on a sandy bottom making sure you will have at least 2 metres under the keel at low tide. The beach is separated into two parts by a rocky outcrop. The north west, left hand beach is fairly rocky and caters to backpackers and budget travellers with several bungalow and cheap restaurant developments. The south east, right hand beach has more upmarket resorts like the Rai Le Bay resort and spa. Very few of the restaurants on the beach serve alcohol, as they are owned by Muslim families but you will find a few bars and you can bring alcohol into most restaurants if you ask first. There is an ATM machine behind the Rai Le Bay resort and small supermarket with basic provisions along the small street next to the coffee shop. The only access to these beaches is by longtail from Ao Nang beach as there is no road. It is possible to hire a longtail to Ao Nang or even around the headland to the east and up the river to Krabi town to buy provisions in the excellent fresh market and supermarkets. The trip takes about half an hour and costs around 1200 baht for the whole longtail for a return trip. To the south east of this bay is the beautiful Tham Phra Nang beach. Pass well to the south west of Ko Nang and anchor a good distance of the pretty reef that runs along the entire beachfront and out to Ko Nang. Around the headland to the East is Ao Nam Mao or drunken water bay. As the name suggests this bay can be bumpy in any conditions and is not as pretty as the other two beaches although you can find shelter here in the south west season. The dive boat moorings are private and also extremely long so give them plenty of swinging room. Be careful of the large muddy sand bank that fills the bay and anchor with no less than 4 metres under the keel at low tide. You will need at least 1.5 metres on the tide tables to cross this mud bank in the dinghy.

Ko Dam Hok North 007deg 58.60min N 098deg 48.85min E
Anchor to the east of the small island in 10 metres. There is a restaurant and bungalow development ashore which is often frequented by a large troop of tame monkeys. There is generally good shelter in the south west season but if there is a ground swell you can anchor a little further to the east of the beach but beware of the reef which runs all the way to Ko Dam Khwan. Not suitable overnight in the north east season. Do not attempt to pass between Ko Dam Hok and Ko Dam Khwan in the yacht as the islands are joined by a reef. This reef extends out for some distance with several isolated coral heads so avoid hugging the coast when sailing down the east side of the islands. Take great care to not drop your anchor in coral when anchoring around these islands.

Ko Dam Khwan North 007deg 57.65min N 098deg 48.40min E
Anchor in no less than 12 metres to the west of the small island. A shallow reef extends from Ko Dam Khwan to Ko Dam Hok and is great for snorkelling. Do not anchor here in the south west season but it is sheltered in the north east.

Ko Dam Khwan East 007deg 57.40min N 098deg 48.80min E
Anchor to the east of the island in 10 to 12 metres on sand but beware of large coral heads and make a snorkelling inspection once settled. This is a good spot in the south west season but is not suitable overnight in the north east season. The strange rock tower at the southern end of the island is known as “Chicken head”. Just around the corner to the west from Chicken head there is a small sandy bay with room for just a few yachts. There are no facilities at all but this makes a wonderfully quiet overnight stop in the north east season.

Krabi Boat lagoon marina entrance waypoint 007deg 57.50min N 098deg 54.00min E
Like its sister marina on Phuket this marina has been built up a shallow river and so it is very protected but only accessible for a few hours either side of high tide. From the entrance waypoint use the following waypoints 007 57.90 N 098 55.20 E, 007 58.40 N 098 55.70 E, 007 59.10 N 098 55.90 E, 007 59.70 N 098 56.50 E, 008 00.10 N 098 57.30 E, 008 00.80 N 098 57.40 E. The marina entrance is then visible on your starboard side. Call on channel 67 to arrange a berth. This is a great place to refill your water and diesel and you can take a 30 minute taxi to the Tesco Lotus supermarket near Krabi town to reprovision.

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