Phuket’s Superyacht Rendezvous Review

February 25, 2014 / Lifestyle & Travel, News

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Derani reports from the annual yacht invite only event hosted on Phuket – an exemplary showcase for boating in the Andaman Sea.

Peak season on Phuket had just arrived on Phuket in December 2013 and it was the 13th edition of Asia Pacific Superyacht Rendezvous. This year they held the exclusive regatta gathering for Superyachts (vessels 100’ and longer) at Kata Rocks for the first time, the brand new mixed development set oceanfront on a headland in southern Kata Beach.

It did not take long to see that this was the perfect match; a lifestyle event celebrating boating, combined with a venue where all guests could look out on all the yachts moored directly at the shoreline, also being the stage at sea for the start and finish during the race days. Crew and guestswere also transported back and forth between Host Sponsor Kata Rocks and the superyachts with ease; stepping on or offshore, via a temporary jetty, on the rocks right below the venue.

So, brand new, award-winning Kata Rocks (16 international awards and counting) not only has rocks but an ocean panorama and splendid pool club that will undoubtedly get rave reviews onwards. From thewater the units of the uniquely designed Kata Rocks, with outdoors canopies of canvas, bear a resemblance to boating. Indeed, as it turns out, superyachts inspired its ‘Ocean Loft’ design!

Its infinite pool with daybeds and the indoor/outdoor-dining venue as backdrop made the setting for the event to be joyous both day and night. It was especially magnificent during twilight, with the yachts forming the panorama out on the water, and gradually the LED-illuminated all/white pool gradually taking centre stage with its shifting colour program as darkness fell. A cool effect was how the colours were reflected on the foldable metal-like parasol blades by the sunken daybeds.

Watching the view and events from here on the pool deck, socialising, as well as the fun activities combined with beer, wine or cocktails served from the bar gave some blissful moments indeed. Glasses with quality brew, cocktails or wine in hand, as the sky turned inky, and it would have been nice to be able to freeze the time! Right there and then. A gathering of marine lifestyle lovers (yacht owners, captains and VIP guests etc.) really found themselves in their element.

At this venue it was also the first time that all guests could be seated and view all the participating superyachts from the host venue.

Stunning sailing superyachts attended, some of them regular attendants at this Rendezvous, including Yanneke Too and Shamoun.

The beautiful Maid Marian 2 impressed just as did the magnificent Argo and the characteristic Maverick.

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