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Your Bespoke Experience

The Dominator philosophy is to allow owners to enjoy the sea in a style that is uniquely their own. This is why the Dominator yachts are all different.

Dominators highly qualified staff accompanies the owner as they first make their choice of the materials and then go on to define the rest of the boat right up until the final delivery.

Every yacht that Dominator builds is a part of their rich history, the history they write day after day, together with the owners who choose the Dominator vision of yachting.

Derani Yachts’ Comment

For the discerning few Dominator Yachts offer the opportunity to have your own custom built motor yacht handcrafted by the best Italian artisans.

Featured Dominator Yachts

Dominator Ilumen 28 metre

  • Make: Dominator

  • Model: Ilumen 28 metre

  • Type: Power

  • Length: 27.35 m

Range of Dominator Yachts

Dominator 40 metre

LOA: 40m
Beam: 7.7m
Cabins: 4 + 5 crew
Heads: 4 + 5 crew

Dominator 30 metre Avantgarde

LOA: 29.10m
Beam: 6.76m
Cabins: 4 + 3 Crew
Heads: 4 + 2 Crew

Dominator 30 metre

LOA: 29.10m
Beam: 6.76m
Cabins: 4 + 3 Crew
Heads: 4 + 2 Crew

Dominator Ilumen 28 metre

LOA: 27.35m
Beam: 6.58m
Cabins: 5 + 2 Crew
Draft: 1.85m

Dominator 800

LOA: 24.00m
Beam: 6.05m
Cabins: 4 + 2 Crew
Heads: 4 + Crew

Dominator 750

LOA: 22.17m
Beam: 5.75m
Cabins: 3 or 4 + Crew
Heads: 4 + Crew

Dominator 700

LOA: 21.30m
Beam: 5.50m
Cabins: 3 or 4 + Crew
Heads: 3 + Crew

Dominator 640

LOA: 19.75m
Beam: 5.15m
Cabins: 3 + Crew
Draft: 1.90m

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Håkan Lange

Managing Director

Håkan takes care of the new yachts sales at Derani Yachts. His in depth knowledge of the brands we represent means he is able to answer all your questions about our new boats. He is also the person to talk to about or maintenance and yacht management program, crew and deliveries.

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